Sunday, April 27, 2008

The week has just started and as I see it this will be one busy week. Both at the office and at home. I have a lot of things lined up this week to accomplish at the office and also with some projects at home. I know that office work has been so routinary already and its starting to bore me to the max. I mean doing this things over and over again everyday from 8 to 5 pm for the past 6 years is somewhat not an idea of a good time. I can probably do this things with my hands tied to my back and blindfolded. I am thinking of working on other projects to keep my mind entertained – two of my main interests are sustainable energy and making my house more eco-friendly and my band. I love my music and i love the environment, i treasure them both dearly so why not set an example and make my home more eco-friendly.

Whoa! I am ranting about the routines of everyday life. I've come to observed it lately. Everyday you wake up to go to the office and when you get to the office, nothing new greets you but the same thing over and over again and it would last for the whole 8 freaking hours and you go home and find yourself stuck to the same thing too when you get home. Then the same thing happens the next day. This is getting to be a drag.I need some kind of distraction to get me back on track. Music is one good distraction for me. I am considering of taking that offer to get the band back on the road. My bandmates have started rehearsals and hoping that i would join them one of these days. Well somehow the drive is starting to push me forward to take that offer. The idea the band decided to get back together was basically to have a distraction in our working lives. All of us are working already and we need to get back just to distract ourselves from our daily routines.


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I hear you, Karen. Near my retirement it was just more than I could do to face the sameness of the job. If it's April we must be getting ready for this conference or this meeting or writing this report. . .Keeping peace of mind and some motivation required me to try to have a fuller life outside of the 8-5 day. Both of your interests have a lot of merit. What kind of music do you play?